Objects in TamStat

In TamStat, there are four types of objects: data, functions, operators, and namespaces.

Type Description Examples from Mathematics


Image result for bar chart

Data can be either numeric (quantitative) or character (qualitative).  Data can be structured as a scalar (a single value), vector (a list of values) or matrix (a table of values).
Numeric: 3250.17
Character: 'Joe'
Scalar: a single value, e.g. 2
Vector: a list of values e.g. (3,4,1,7,4) 
Matrix: a table of values, e.g.
2.5 3.1 5.7
5.2 4.0 2.3

Functions;Image result for functions

A function is a set of ordered pairs, sometimes defined by a mathematical rule.

y = f(x) 

Monadic: ln, sin    

Dyadic:  +, -, *, /


Image result for functions   Image result for function composition

An operator modifies a function or combines two functions to produce a new function.

Monadic Operators:
       Derivative:  f'(x)
       Inverse: f-1(x)
Dyadic Operators:
       Composition  f∘g
       Inner product <f,g>


Namespaces are objects which contain data, functions and operators.

     Complex set of results.